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The Skinny

Thank you for considering Font Preview. This tiny little software was designed out of frustration from looking at the words 'Sample Text' in Adobe applications and imagining the copy in that font.

As you will see the application is super simple and has no bells and whistles. It is not a font manager. It is a font preview extension for the designer in the trenches churning out logo's, mockups and layouts on the fly. The ability to see what your title looks like in various fonts, shortlist a few and then discarding the ones that suck. Best of all its Fast!

Try preview fonts for 30 days, if you don't like it ask for a 100% refund no questions asked. Works in Adobe 5 and ver 6

School Labs recive free copies please contact us.

Adobe CS5+ Component for:

Awesome Features

  • Preview type
  • Short list fonts
  • Save font sets
  • Quick as lightening
  • Fat free 500kb
  • Lots of love &
  • A tiny price tag :)
  • We   students

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